5 Things That You Must Do Before You Travel: An Ultimate Guide


Travelling around the world in new countries and cities is fun and exciting. After so months of planning of your trip you get off on your adventure when the day comes. Of course, you everyone looks forward to a multitude of experiences that will have and that will amaze and astound. However, there are a few things that you should do before you set off on your trip. The following are 5 things you must do before you travel. If you fail to follow these basic rules, not only could it cost you thousands of dollars but it may also ruin your holiday.

Organize travel insurance

Before you go and especially if you planning to go overseas ensure that you purchase travel insurance. This covers for scenarios like when you get sick or lose something or your belongings gets stolen or perhaps you miss a flight or other form of transport, you can get a return of your money for your loss. Some insurance companies go further to cover things like mobile phones and cameras if they get stolen or if your break them during the trip.

Carry copies of all of your important documents

Another important thing to do before you travel is to ensure that you carry with you copies of your documents. You should ensure that you take two copies of your important documents such as travelers’ cheques, credit cards, debit cards and passports with you. You should leave a copy with you’re a friend or a trusted family member and the other copy in your bag at the hotel.

Call ahead to ensure all hotel rooms are confirmed

You should always make sure that you make a call to the hotel where you are planning to spend your night in your next town and ensure that rooms are booked and that you will have a roof over your head when you arrive. This is imperative especially if you book a hotel room online through a third party agency. The costs that you incur in making calls are small prices and it will give you peace of mind knowing that you will have a place to spend your night at when you get there. If the hotel has no room for you, this will call for alternative arrangements, which you can make quickly and easily before you get there.

Set an emergency plan

Consider enrolling yourself to an emergency plan before you travel such Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP),if you are in the U.S. such government programs stores itinerary details like where you staying, who is accompanying you and the emergency contact info. Of importance to note is that such programs sends travel advisory on countries you are visiting if there are warnings and alerts about a natural disaster or disease outbreak.

Download guidebooks

Finally, it is important to ensure you download everything that you will need before you leave for your trip, since sometimes Wi-Fi is not guaranteed while travelling. Consider printing some the important pages that you will need when you get to the next town, this is because flashing your smartphone or tablet on those new neighborhoods is not the best decision ever. That is all that can guarantee you a fabulous trip..!




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